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Welcome to the e-Tendering System for Government of Assam. It is intended to serve as a single window for all the procurement needs for all departments of Government of Assam. Procurement of service and goods shall be carried out through this etendering system.

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       Date        System Tender No.        Tender Ref.no       Tender Status
      17/11/2014                  813                           PWD/AS/Model-School(Design-I)/RMSA/Normal/Group-8       Live
      17/11/2014                  812                           PWD/AS/Model-School(Design-I)/RMSA/Normal/Group-7       Live
      17/11/2014                  811                           PWD/AS/Model-School(Design-I)/RMSA/Normal/Group-6       Live
      17/11/2014                  810                           PWD/AS/Model-School(Design-I)/RMSA/Normal/Group-5       Live
      17/11/2014                  809                           PWD/AS/Model-School(Design-I)/RMSA/Normal/Group-4       Live
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Extension Notice -Re-construction of Assam House, New Delhi
Press Notice for Construction of Model School at Different districts” under RMSA
Press Notice - Mahapurush Shri Shri Madhab Dev Kalakhetra at Dhekia Khowa under NLCPR
Corrigendum - New Assam Legislative Assembly Building at Dispur
Drawings - New Assam Legislative Assembly Building at Dispur
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